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No. Part Number Family Description
1 DN2535N3-P014-G Transistors MOSFET 350V 25Ohm
2 VN0106N3-P003-G Transistors MOSFET 60V 3Ohm
3 TN0106N3-P003-G Transistors MOSFET 60V 3Ohm
4 VN0104N3-P002-G Transistors MOSFET 40V 3Ohm
6 TP2540N3-P013-G Transistors MOSFET 400V 25Ohm
7 VP0550N3-P013-G Transistors MOSFET 500V 125Ohm
8 LND150N3-P014-G Transistors MOSFET 500V 1KOhm
9 VP2206N3-P014-G Transistors MOSFET 60V 0.9Ohm
10 MD1711K6-G Power Management ICs Power Driver ICs MOSFET HI SPD INTEGR ULTRASND DRVR
11 TN2106N3-P014-G Transistors MOSFET 60V 2.5Ohm
12 VP2206N3-P003-G Transistors MOSFET 60V 0.9Ohm
13 MD1812K6-G Power Management ICs Power Driver ICs High Speed Quad
14 DN2530N3-P003-G Transistors MOSFET 300V 12Ohm
15 VP0109N3-P003-G Transistors MOSFET 90V 8Ohm
16 TN0606N3-P003-G Transistors MOSFET 60V 1.5Ohm
17 TP2635N3-P002-G Transistors MOSFET 350V 15Ohm
18 HV2705FG-G Switch ICs Analog Switch ICs SWITCH, 16CH, HV, LOW DESTORTION
19 TN2425TG Transistors MOSFET MOSFET NCh ENHANCE MODE 250V 3.5
20 VP0109N3-P013-G Transistors MOSFET 90V 8Ohm
21 TP2640N3-P002-G Transistors MOSFET 400V 15Ohm
22 HV2662LA-G Switch ICs Analog Switch ICs 24CH LW CHARGE INJ SPST SWITCH
23 VN3515L-P003-G Transistors MOSFET 350V 15Ohm
24 HV862K7-G Driver ICs Display Drivers & Controllers Dimmable Low Noise Dual
25 HV9113NG-M905-G Power Management ICs Current Mode PWM Controllers HVCMOS
26 HV254FG-G Amplifier ICs Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps 32-Channel
27 MD0100DK6-G Switch ICs Switch ICs - Various HIGH VOLTAGE PROTECT T/R SWITCH
28 TN0702N3-P003-G Transistors MOSFET 20V 1.3Ohm
29 VN2210N3-P002-G Transistors MOSFET 100V 0.35Ohm
30 HV746K6-G Power Management ICs Power Driver ICs DUAL HISPD -85V 2.5A ULTRASOUND PULSER
31 TN0106N3-P002-G Transistors MOSFET 60V 3Ohm
32 VP0106N3-P014-G Transistors MOSFET 60V 8Ohm
33 LR645N3-P013-G Power Management ICs Linear Regulators - Standard Fixed/Adj Hi In V
34 TN2640N3-P002-G Transistors MOSFET 400V 5Ohm
35 HV852MG-G Driver ICs Display Drivers & Controllers INDUCTORLESS EL LAMP DRIVER
36 TP2104N3-P013-G Transistors MOSFET 40V 6Ohm
37 VN0550N3-P002-G Transistors MOSFET 500V 60Ohm
38 HV2631FG-G Switch ICs Analog Switch ICs 16CH HI VLTG ANALOG SWITCH
39 TP0620N3-P003-G Transistors MOSFET 200V 12Ohm
40 TN0610N3-P014-G Transistors MOSFET 100V 1.5Ohm
41 HV841MG-G Driver ICs Display Drivers & Controllers High Voltage Dual EL Lamp
42 LR8N3-P002-G Power Management ICs Linear Regulators - Standard 450V Adj 3 Termnl
43 VN3205N3-P014-G Transistors MOSFET 50V 0.3Ohm
44 HV20220GA-M918 Switch ICs Analog Switch ICs 200V 8Chl w/Latches
45 DN3545N3-P003-G Transistors MOSFET 450V 20Ohm
46 HV461FG-G Communication & Networking ICs Telephone Ringers Controller IC
47 VN0106N3-P002-G Transistors MOSFET 60V 3Ohm
48 TN0104N3-P013-G Transistors MOSFET 40V 1.8Ohm
49 HV5530PG-G Logic ICs Serial to Parallel Logic Converters 300V 32Ch Open D Out
50 VN2450N3-P013-G Transistors MOSFET 500V 13Ohm
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